Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

First--I hope you have a happy Easter--here is a pic of Oscar looking cute from a few years ago.  He's still cute, but we're not humiliating him with the funny ears as much anymore, lol.

I was mentioning to DH that it seems so weird that I now have an Oncologist.  That's something for other people, not me.  I know that everyone probably thinks that when bad things happen to them.  My mom has had breast cancer twice, so honestly, I figured the odds were that I would get cancer sometime in my life.   But I was living my life happily in denial.  Even though I knew it was a possibility, it is still shocking when the doctor tells you those words.
I'm not writing because I want people to feel bad for me, I don't even know if anyone will read this.  But, it is helping me get out some of my thoughts and feelings because it's hard for me to talk about this IRL.  In the scheme of suffering, I've been really blessed in my life to not have had much and now it's my turn to have some.  Many people have it so much worse.  I'm grateful for everything in my life.

Some other news--my mother-in-law will be starting 6 rounds of chemo next Sunday.  I know it will be hard on her, her husband, and my dh (who is an only child).  On my side, I got some good news last night.  I had a CT scan yesterday morning and last night my doc called to tell me it looked good--they couldn't see evidence of more tumors.  I'm just waiting for the formal pathology and then I'll see the Gyn Oncologist to find out about the treatment.  That is where things stand now.

Oscar is such a good sport--when we were done taking the pictures, he pranced happily through the house with the bunny ears and proceeded to chew them up.  Gotta love his sweetness. <3

Have a great day--I'll update when I have something else to say.

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