Monday, April 30, 2012

Great News!

I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this, but I had my follow up visit today with the oncologist.  Going into the appointment, I was sure that a long course of chemo is where I was headed and honestly, I was at peace with that.  I had prepared myself mentally/emotionally for a long battle.  The first thing the doctor told me that they found an additional type of cancer in my uterus.  We knew about the rare, nastier one--adenosarcoma, but the other is more common (adenocarcinoma), which is the one my MIL has/had.  However, both cancers were apparently caught very early and staged as 1A.  This means no chemo (YAY) and 3 doses (rounds?) of radiation.  I'm unsure when those treatments start or how long in between.

The doctor was guarded in his optimism because the sarcoma can show up again in other organs/areas, but the odds of it recurring go down significantly after 2 years, so I'll be seeing him every 3 months for checkups (I have no idea what these will entail).  He also said that the treatment will be much harder if it recurs, but I'm going to do my best to not worry about it returning.  I think for everyone life is uncertain--no one knows what the future holds.  In the last few weeks I've been trying to focus on the wonderful things in my life and not worry about the things that are beyond my control.  One thing I can do is try to lose some excess weight and get as healthy as I can in case I need to fight it.  

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  I'm so grateful to everyone who supported me during my little crisis.  I'll continue to post updates if there are any, random thoughts, or maybe a recipe or two.  <3

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  1. im so glad everything is better than expected!
    you will be in my prayers!